Covid 19 Salon Opening

Our salon is open for appointments – please call 01732 461988 to book.

Here are the guidelines we are observing since opening and what you can expect on arriving.

  1. Please do not enter without a prior appointment.
  2. Please telephone 01732 461988 to book your appointment and attend your appointment alone without a minor or a pet.
  3. Each appointment is staggered to limit the amount of clients in the salon.
  4. We kindly ask you not to attend your appointment if you develop any of the following symptoms. A persistent cough, High temperature, Flu or cold like symptoms, Loss of smell or taste. Please let us know 24 hours prior to cancel the appointment. Their will be a cancellation charge of 100% if this is not observed.
  5. Your appointment day – We ask of you to please arrive on your exact allotted appointment time wearing a face mask. You can not enter the salon if early because their is no waiting area. Your appointment will have to be rescheduled if you are late.
  6. Please bring your own refreshments with you and something to read. We can only offer you bottled water and no magazines. You can bring your own face mask to wear throughout your appointment, or we can supply one at reception upon arrival. Government guidelines now state that it is mandatory for the client to wear a face mask. Also your stylist will be wearing a face shield and a mask.
  7. Our door will remain closed so please ring our door bell to enter.
  8. You will then be greeted at our reception and offered to use our hand sanitiser on entry. This is offered on all of our work stations and toilet facility throughout your stay.
  9. You will then be offered a gown personal to you only which will be laundered afterwards.
  10. You will then be taken to your chair work station which will be sanitised throughout the day. All employees are trained in Covid 19 secure cleaning.
  11. Please observe social distancing rules with others during your visit.
  12. Your stylist will stay with you throughout your appointment.
  13. Our toilet facility remains open and sanitised throughout the day.
  14. We are also using environmentally friendly disposable towels.
  15. 1At the end of your appointment your stylist will take payment at your chair to help social distancing if needed. Also our payment machine will be disinfected before use.
  16. Please call 01732 461988 to make your next appointment. We can not do this at reception at this time because of social distancing unless the salon is quiet enough.

Opening Times

Opening Hours are 9 am – 6 pm Tuesday to Saturday.

If you would like to discuss your appointment call 01732 461988 or  email Matthew.

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